Workshop 1

Wow-Effects in Football: How to raise Customer Loyalty and Customer Acquisition to a new Level

Sport, and football in particular, is becoming more and more professional and commercial. At the same time, the range of alternatives for active and passive sports consumption is constantly increasing. The expectations of the stakeholders (fans, spectators, sponsors, members, etc.) of clubs and leagues and your offer are also growing.

Clubs are experiencing increasingly strong competition for the attention of existing and new stakeholders. From now on it is necessary to optimize the quality of service in order to compete better.

In this workshop we will show you how to raise customer loyalty and customer acquisition to a new level through targeted and simple measures. We will be inspired by other successful service-dominated industries!

How do I influence the life cycle of fans, spectators, sponsors and members? How can fans, spectators, sponsors and members be better addressed/collected? Which added values increase the benefit for all stakeholders and clubs? What are WOW effects that make a lasting difference?

Workshop 2

Anything but Business as Usual: Why Change Issues in Football Business have to be handled as such

Digitization, internationalization, Super League, market entry into eSports. Many football brands or associations are changing their strategies and/or their business models. But hardly any club or hardly any organization understands and treats the profound developments as what they are: as change. The result: Important stakeholders do not feel involved or even feel suspended. Some like ultras even oppose. Football is not only erasing from its core product, but also from its base.

The current challenges and changes in football business have to be recognized and named as change issues. Then, analogous to regular companies, effective processes for change management and change communication can be set up.

In this workshop we will show you, how to support and achieve business goals – even against resistance – by strong change communication.