The FANformula

September 3rd

10.30 to 11.30

During this masterclass, specially fit for marketeers and communications specialists, FANexperience will inspire you how to improve your contact with fans.

With over 15 years experience in sportsmarketing FANexperience will give you the opportunity to earn about the FANformula. Be ready to learn about easy tools like FANatomy, FANcalender and the FANexperience wheel.

In an energetic masterclass you will not only learn about these tools, but will also be inspired by energetic and fun examples from different sports around the globe. This masterclass will give you something to think about, but also clear tools you can work on the moment the masterclass ends.

FANexperience looks forward welcoming you to our masterclass and hopefully share knowledge with great people. 

Up to 9 attendees can join the masterclass with audio and video. Up to 500 can join watching. First come, first served.



Maarten van Seggelen

Founder, FANexperience