Challenges for Football Clubs in the modern digital Age

September 3rd

10.30 to 11.30

In this session Casper Heiselberg will dig into the current digital challenges for football clubs and the sports industry in general at a time, where digital transformation and investments in your digital setup is more crucial than ever before if you to remain relevant with your fans, audience and sponsors in the future.

As a 17 year old in 2003 he built what would become one of the leading football fan websites in Denmark and has in the last 6 years worked with digital development at league and club level at the Danish Football League before leading the digital transformation at FC Copenhagen for 3 years. He recently entered esport by joining Dreamhack Sports Games as  Director of Marketing Operations. 

Up to 9 attendees can join the masterclass with audio and video. Up to 500 can join watching. First come, first served.



Casper Heiselberg

Director Of Marketing Operations, DreamHack Sports Games